The spiritual heart of Wenchoster Cathedral and Diocese


This virtual chapel is provided for those unable to make a physical pilgrimage to the Cathedral, and complies with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.  However, visitors of all abilities are welcome.

Before viewing the relic, please note:

  1. It is a requirement of the Cathedral Chapter that there should be no bare flesh visible before the relic, so please ensure that head, arms, legs, and any dangly bits are covered.
  2. No photography of the image is allowed. The use of Video cameras is prohibited. Applications for a Photographic Licence may be made to the Court of Benches which meets in lengthy session after Matins every Friday in the Upper Chamber of the de Flageolet Tower.
  3. Silence is requested, so cries of adoration should be muted. Swooning is forbidden. Visions of ecstasy are permitted, but only if prior-booked with the Dean.  Please turn off any mobile phones.


It is suggested that the following be recited by all pilgrims before proceeding to the inner sanctum:


All hail to Thee, O sacred cloth,
For by the holy image drawn,
Our sins are washed, our spirit cleansed,
And free we face each new day's dawn.
Receive our thanks, Veronica,
That on that day of gloom and fear,
Thou didst our Saviour's form transfer,
Onto your handkerchief so clear.
And thus we venerate this piece
Of fabric that has come through time
To bring us blessings from our God,
And show to us His face divine.


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