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Our founders: Mary (1854 1926) and Lizzie (1846 1927) Claptrappe

For over a century Wenchoster's Cathedral Sewing Services have specialised in producing high-quality but affordable liturgical clothing and undergarments for the clerical profession of the Wenchoster diocese. In 1985 this family firm expanded its range to embrace the requirements of both male and female clerics, deans and archdeacons, servers, vergers and choristers. The following are just a few examples of our products. If you would like further information on these or any other item, or wish for a custom-designed garment, please do not hesitate to contact Miss. Olivet Bobbin (great-granddaughter of Lizzie Claptrappe) via e-mail on


Examples from our current stock


This generously-cut garment, designed by the Revd. Ivan Hoe in 1984, is made from 100% pure shimmering industrial silk, sewn with six threads, and is fully machine-washable. Stock colour is Scarlet, though other shades are available. Recommended as standard wear for well-disciplined choiristers, it is the chosen garment of the Wenchoster Cathedral choir. Optional accessories available on special order from Whippalls.


Supplied in sets of three, (one size for all and all fit one size), the catapult and epee are extra. Fully reversible with larger design on the back. Eucharistic vestment for the under-sized. Made from our own Fleur-de-lis fabric, woven at the Nunnery of the Whimpering Sisters, Elba, and imported by Napoleon Vetement, Paris, Grimsby & New York.


A classic garment designed for those of the "old school". Exterior cloth waterproofed with resin scraped from the inner walls of our own wells situated in the ruins of the ancient theological college in the deserted village of Ascension, Somerset. Fully lined and upholstered throughout. 100% synthetic. Designed for cathedral Evensong prayers, with arm slits allowing a wider view. Clothing for the man (or woman) of principle.


Imported from the Diocese of Q'appelle, Canada, for the "man" in Black. Comes complete with all-purpose spatter-guard manufactured from crisp starched 40% cotton, 40% polyester and 20% recycled wafers. Ideal for painting chapels with White. As seen on CBS News-24 and recommended by the Botswana University of Systematic Theology.

THE P & P BIB (Roman and Episcopal models)

Had a "pig" of a day? These effective but simple garments keep your shirt clean whilst being spoon-fed theology. Bottom rim drip trays fitted as standard on the "extra pious" version. Water resistant 100% nylon. Run-resistant. Ribbed. Especially effective when worn in pairs, as above, but often inseparable if allowed to come into contact with each other. Nevertheless, a fundamental addition to your wardrobe.


As worn in Australia by all ordained female priests. Made in our Belgian factory at Lipstickin, Brugge, and stitched in our sweat-shop in Bombay, run by the Little Sisters of Exploitation. Designed by Bishop Freidrich Otto von Lederhosen from the Diocese of Rudesheim, it features our patented "ring cycle" of stitching. Fits all standard clerical collars. Steel toe-cap boots extra. A much sought-after item, so a minimum 5-week waiting period may be expected following an order.


Prices and samples of these and other items available on request from:

Miss Olivet Bobbin: Mistress of the Needle

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