Bishop Felkin Goatnadger (1340-1358) is remembered for his devotion to his people during the Black Death.  In order to safeguard his teaching and leadership, when the plague first appeared in the town, he fled to Shaston Farthing Nunnery and lodged with the Sisters of Perpetual Bliss for 3 years, only being seen in public on one occasion during that whole period.  Contemporary records speak of his tireless encouragement of the Sisters during this terrible time, and how he would exhort them with pleadings and tears to expose their inner selves to his care.  The manner of his passing is not known, though the few remaining Nunnery documents, saved from destruction at its dissolution by Henry VIII, make passing reference to the term "Goatnadgerd" as being in common use among the townspeople in describing a death occurring at the moment of congress between a man and a woman.

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