001 : Let us with an open mind (Sea of Faith)

015:Lead me through the choral introit

017 : Help us to help the Vicar, Lord.

018 : Church of Alpha

028 : The aumbry candle has burnt out

030 : This time of year

031:Hark!What a sound

032:Lo, he comes

039 : There is a wine bar far away

042:The day of circumcision

054:Four more days

076 : Priests need vestments that are pretty

077 : God is nice and lovely

080 : Holy Week is done at last

081 : Rising early in the morn

082 : To sing of resurrection

083:  Ye choirs of ancient churches sing

086 : Come and see my shining cope

087 : The church moves in a wondrous way

092:Three or one, and one or three?

101 : A priest there lived

102 : Forward in faith

110:Violet hue on fall and priest

111:Father, when we look to thee

121 : Gentle Maid of Zion's grace

142 : I danced in the chancel

150 : Why should we love thee, Alpha, dear?

159 : Most ancient of all mysteries

168:Now that time of year is come

169:Carve my furrow

171:Bales and bullocks now we thrash

198 : Hail Mother Church!

202 : The church's main foundation

207:Lay the altar

212 : All hail, Ascension Day!

241 : To you at evening's sunset rays

248 : Now the charcoal's glowing (Thurifers hymn)

251:Who is this outlandish curate?

279 : When you take your first Mass

320:The summer sun is come

360 : O my cope is lifted

361 : What a mate we have in Jesus

376 : In faith there is no up or down

421 : At the altar

422:O valiant priests

454 : Sacristy

472:Gathered on the Lordís Day

486 : Against the Lady Chapel wall (Mothers Union hymn)

497:I vow to help abolish

498 : I will put on my priestly clothes with glee

499 : Vicar, remember me?

500 : Supper time has come


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